A photo of me giving a talk

I’m an electronic engineer living in the UK. I mainly do digital hardware design, in particular processors, but have significant experience in software, too, especially in kernel development.

I am a big fan of open source, both software and hardware. Throughout the years I’ve contributed a large amount of code to open source projects. I am also a committer at the DragonFly BSD Project. Occasionally you might see me giving talks on DragonFly BSD, such as on the photo to the right.

You’ll find a number of my own projects on here or on my github page.

If you want to send me an email, you can use click here if you have JavaScript enabled.

My PGP key is 0x89EBF03A272BBD8A. My key fingerprint is:

pub   2048R/272BBD8A 2010-07-13
      Key fingerprint = 8A8A 52F2 2214 6B8F 8A02  1997 89EB F03A 272B BD8A